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What if you could hire an additional staff member ?

For over 20 years River Oaks Energy has continued to serve thousands of commercial and residential energy meters across the United States.  Over the years we have saved countless religious organizations millions of dollars on their electric bills.   We are always ready to provide you with the lowest electricity rates and the most favorable contract terms. 

A Different Approach, to reducing your energy bill

The Church Co-op has been helping churches, schools and nonprofits save time and money on products, services and education for over 35 years.  In 2023 the Church Co-op selected River Oaks Energy, an experienced & trustworthy energy consulting firm.

Understanding the energy market can be complex, but it's what River Oaks Energy had done for over 20 years

Understanding the complexities of the energy market can often be confusing to the average consumer.
When you work with River Oaks Energy, you can expect a personalized approach to energy management. We take the time to understand your business and its unique energy needs. Our team of experts will  develop a customized energy strategy that maximizes savings, enhances reliability, and reduces risk to your organization.

Benefits of being a member of the Church Co-Op?

The Church Co-Op is proud to share their  30+ year history as they continue to grow and increase the value of their memberships. 

Watch the video and see how it all began!     

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